As we seek continue the conversation in the area of racial justice we must continue to learn and listen so we want to offer you some resources that we’ve found helpful. It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyways: you might not agree with everything from this list. That would be rather boring if you did agree with it all, right? But you won’t agree all the time, and those are the precise moments where God might be calling you to press in – rather than turn away.
Our recommendation? Pick something (or several somethings) from the list below, and find someone (or several someones) to work through it together.
One more note: remember that the goal isn’t to learn for the sake of argument or “being right”. Rather, God invites us to learn in order to love him and our neighbor better. That means seeking to understand the experiences of our brothers and sisters of color, especially when and where they are suffering. That means understanding where we’ve fallen short of loving them well, both personally and corporately – as individuals, and as a nation. And that means taking concrete steps of repentance that move you towards others in the name of Jesus.


Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson
Roadmap to Reconciliation 2.0: Moving Communities Into Unity, Wholeness and Justice by Brenda Salter McNeil
Can We Have the Conversation? A Spiritual Multicultural Approach to Racial Reconciliation by Brenda Darby


Equal Justice Initiative  eji.org
History of Racial Injustice calendar.eji.org
Instagram/Twitter @eji @legacymuseum @mempeacejustice
The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross
The Color of Compromise
TED Talk by Bryan Stevenson  "We need to Talk about Injustice"

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